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Soul pieces

In the beginning.....
Soul pieces
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The following poems are pieces of my soul.  From my heart and soul to my brain to my pen to your eyes these are the writings of my poetic side - from my miseducation to my celebrations are all journaled through my wriitings.  Enjoy!

My Protector


When I lay down at night

There seems to be no one there to hold me tight.

When I am sad during the day

There seems to be no one to wipe my tears away.

In the morning when I arise

There seems to be no one to hear my cries.

But then I realize my Master's there.

He tells me how much he loes me and that he cares.

No one can compare to God's unconditional love.


When I need strength He's my power.

When I need uplifting He's my tower.

NO matter what time or hour.

He's a blessings are there to shower.


He's love is like no other.

And with He's presence I no longer suffer.

And I will foreer knwo that it is

His love that makes me glow

My master is always there
He tell me how much He loves me and that He cares.

No one can compare to God's unconditional love.




And God made man


And God made man

and it was good.

Was it ever!

From the courtroom to the classroom

Black men are doing it.

From the White House to the Lord’s house black men

are blazing new trails and setting everyone on fire as they move.


I know it isn’t easy living this life alone.

Having people treat you cold

or yearning for someone to hold.

But we, your sistas,

with the flips, the braids, the curls, the waves

want you to know that for what God has joined together no man can divide.

So I stand and salute

I vow and declare that from this day

all must be aware

that the black man –

how strong and brave he stands,

is a strong force

that with two hands

has molded the world

upon which we stand.


And God made man

and it was good.

But when he made the black man

He made his greatest work yet.





Natural Beauty

See I am what you call a natural beauty.
My hair is kinky because I was born that way
It stands out just like the message I was given to say.
I am proud of my heritage with the warriors of my past.
So why when I mention no perm a shadow has to be casted.
"Who do you think you are  not?"
as Iyanla has stated.
I am knowledgeable of the mess we as a people have created.
Who else but black people has totally eradicated form their memory a painful, hateful past?

Natural beauty from my head to my toes.
Where I've been and where I'm going nobody knows.
All I know is God's blessed me
with the truth of my past.
That kinky hair does not create a darken burdened cast.




How could you be so close. yet so far away.
You are a constant in my life.
I see or hear from you everyday.
But the friend  zone is my home.
Your eyes aren't focused- they are on roam
How can you not notice how I tremble from your touch?
How I want you to inhale me like i was your lunch.
But your eyes are blind to the thing that is closest to you.
You are so far gone you can't even use a life line to get a clue.
Your inabliity to recognize that the love you seek is in your face.
The friend, the partner, the lover you desire has been no other place
Then by your side
all this time,
but you never noticed, boo.
I bet you are sitting there listening not thinking this poem is about you.
Put on your glasses for a clearer vision.
Let me be your only decision

Oh, I've laughed and listened to your stories of other girls.
All the time wishing you would give me a whirl.
You ask me about Susan, you've told me about Jane.
But never once have you called or even whispered my name.
What  do I have to do to have you see me?
I'm asking, I'm begging, this is my final plea..
Do I need to wear bright colors or neon lights?
Put on my polka dots, zig zags and stripes?
I'm trying to be subtle and not extremely bold.
but I have to do something to keep you from treating me cold.
You need to go where corrective lens are sold
So finally the truth you can behold.


These are all original works and all copyright laws apply.  Please seek permission from the author before using.

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